The place where lobes get parts of their personality in tradition of Appalachian Music Crafts in Winston-Salem NC!

Stephen T. Wishnevsky

Luthier – playin´ guitar and makin´ all these fabulous wishbasses, guitars and lots of other uncommon string-instruments

Hans Siffert

Refining-“Master” –  Love refining these amazing instruments although a breaks´s sometimes a gift.

After years of playing the clubs, balls and parties as a singer and keyboarder of a dance band came years of dancing (modern jazz / ballet) and teaching, superimposed and replaced by years in theaters. After another 10 years of “decent” family and professional life (engineering office), a few years of support of my 3 sons and their band followed. Since optimal instruments seemed to be inseparably linked with a corresponding financial portfolio, creativity was required and so it all started. Low priced guitars and basses won´t turn to expensive collectors’ pieces, but they can be very well sounding instruments of use……

….the beginning of my love for Wishbasses was born ……