Hoochie Coochie Mama

Hoochie Coochie Mama brand: Wishbass Lobe 6 scale: 34″ body:bloodwood (solid) neck: 5-stringers (bloodwood-maple-bloodwood-maple-bloodwood) fingerboard: bloodwood, with fretmarkers all cavities: copper shielded bridge: ebony nut: ebony pickup: Delano SBC 6 HE/S-4  mini toggle switch for ser/sc/parallel passive  2 potis – volume, toneblend with orange drop weight: 5,02 kg Share on facebook Share on whatsapp Share

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This fantasy-Wishbass is very light with a stunning wood-patchwork-body with a deep colorful front and a smoother back. The 5-string neck is made of beautiful flamed maple.

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As a rare and small tree, prices for surfaced and milled Snakewood that display the characteristic snakeskin pattern are perhaps the most expensive of any exotic lumber worldwide.
In addition to its colorful figure, Snakewood is also among the densest and hardest of all wood species worldwide. Among woodworkers, it vies with Lignum Vitae as the heaviest wood in the world.

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Tru King

Tends to be difficult to work due to its high density. Likely to be very expensive, and seldom available as lumber; Kingwood is most often seen as smaller turning stock. Kingwood is seldom available in large pieces due to the small size of the tree itself, and is instead used as accent pieces. Kingwood is among the densest (and probably strongest) of all the rosewoods. There is very little mechanical data available on Kingwood, though given its weight, and its relation to other rosewoods, it’s likely to be extremely stiff, strong, and stable.

In terms of its history, Kingwood supposedly got its name from several French kings (Louis XIV and Louis XV) that preferred the wood in the use of finest furniture.

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Blues Bubbles 1

Ambrosia maple is not a distinct species of maple; describes a fungal discoloration caused by wood-boring ambrosia beetles. They bore into the trunk of the tree, bringing with them the ambrosia fungi, which subsequently stains and discolors the surrounding wood. The discoloration can be very similar to spalted maple, though with ambrosia maple, the discoloration is centered around the boring paths of the beetles, and their entrance holes can usually be seen.

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Don Oliviano

Because of the fruit’s economic importance, healthy, cultivated Olive trees aren’t felled for lumber; availability is generally limited to pruned branches, trimmings, and diseased/storm damaged orchard trees and prices are very high. Common uses for High-end furniture, veneer, turned objects, and small specialty wood items.

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