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If you´re interested in one of these amazingly sounding fretless-beauties don´t hesitate to contact me via mail (menue contact) or send me a PM on FB!

Ipe Lobe 4 (heavy & solid)

Ipe is a difficult wood to work, being extremely hard and dense. It has excellent insect resistance and superb weathering characteristics (Ipe was used for the boardwalk along the beach of New York City’s Coney Island, and was said to have lasted 25 years before it needed to be replaced: an amazing lifespan given the amount of traffic and environmental stresses put upon the wood.)
Well, when it changed its destiny to be a bass – stop stompin´ on it :-)))

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Ipe Lobe_2146

Ipe is a difficult wood to work, being extremely hard and dense. Although it easily resists environmental stresses –
Well don`t stomp on it if it`s a bass already…:-)))
this one is a bit lighter than its sister (heavy & solid).

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Jatoba Lobe 4

Jatoba is widely named “Brazilian Cherry,” exceptionally stiff, strong, and hard—representing a great value for woodworkers seeking high-strength, low-cost lumber.

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Katalox Lobe 4

Katalox has exceptional strength properties, and is among the very stiffest and strongest woods available worldwide. Its dark color makes it a popular substitute for ebony, and the wood is sometimes called Mexican Royal Ebony, though it is not a true ebony in the Diospyros genus.

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Snakewood Lobe 4ga

As a rare and small tree, prices for surfaced and milled Snakewood that display the characteristic snakeskin pattern are perhaps the most expensive of any exotic lumber worldwide.
In addition to its colorful figure, Snakewood is also among the densest and hardest of all wood species worldwide. Among woodworkers, it vies with Lignum Vitae as the heaviest wood in the world.

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