…as we can see: „money makes the world go around, the world go…“ more like: ….the world gettin´ crazy….

It is time for much more empathy – therefore it´s time to stop dictatorship of capital.

Due to many questions about the prices of my refined wishbasses I´d like to explain the fundamentals of my pricing.

I can unreservedly agree with the basic idea of Luthier Steve Wishnevsky, who speaks of his entirely handmade instruments as „tools for musicians“. Nevertheless I keep a big eye on the playability AND the visual and haptic challenges.
Last but not least, this takes into account the fact that bass players are usually not considered to be big earners. 

My pricing is decoupled from the influence of any shareholders or other thieves and is primarily based on the purchase prices of the exclusive woods used to manufacture these custom basses. These extremely hard tropical woods – none of them is cites-listed, correspondingly heavy with an enormous sustain, are exclusive and very high-pricey.

That´s why my prices start at EUR 550.- (Goncalo Alves 4) and end at EUR 1.200.- (Snakewood 5). … Well-known top bass players from the Austrian music scene estimated the value in the course of a test at EUR 2,000 and up!

Now – due to the fact that not many refined wishbasses are for sale – don’t miss these bargains! You´ll never get such fabulous-sounding custom fretless basses for this little money again!